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5 research tools to understand your users

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Discover actionable human insights

Get answers, insights and results in days, not weeks

'Pie tree' diagram showing data on the success or failure of people navigating information architecture.
Run fast and affordable user research

Quickly set up and iterate studies as you learn.

Reach as many participants as you need

Recruit and target in
70+ languages, remotely or
in person.

'Similarity matrix' diagram showing a summary of the most popular grouped items in a card sort study.
Easily understand your data

Explore your comprehensive results with beautiful visualizations.

Birds eye view of a woman in a red dress standing in the middle of four arrows deciding which path to take.
Make confident design decisions

Use convincing insights to delight your team and users alike.

You’re in good company

Join the most successful organizations taking advantage of insights to produce experiences their users love.

Optimal Workshop makes it so easy to do user research, there’s no excuse to make uninformed design decisions.

Evan Leach


I can test wireframes without being physically present in a room with participants. It expands my testing and actually gives me more accurate results, while I continue to do my other work!

Jessie Broderson


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