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Tree testing is a usability technique for evaluating the findability of topics in a website. It’s also known as ‘reverse card sorting’ or ‘card-based classification’. Tree testing is done on a simplified text version of your site structure – without the influence of navigation aids and visual design.

Take the guesswork out of information architecture with Treejack – the usability testing tool you can use to test your IA without visual distractions. Treejack helps you prove your site structure will work before you get into interface design.

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Treejack is a great tool for testing out a multi-leveled IA. The results gave me an instant appreciation of what was working and what was not.

Marlena Dijkstra
Independent Usability Consultant

It is so fast and easy to set up that it's really crazy not to use it.

Jason Holmes
American Greetings

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Proving an information architecture

1. Input your tree

Your “tree” is the site structure of your website or intranet, your information architecture. Many times it is simplest to think of it as your sitemap.

Treejack tree creation

2. Set your tasks

To find out if people can achieve what they came for on your website or intranet, you just need to enter the common tasks for your site, e.g. “Find the latest and greatest mobile phones.”

Treejack task configuration

3. Recruit participants

We give you a unique study link that you can email to your users and customers, post on your website, tweet to the world, or use our integrated participant recruitment.

Treejack study recruit via Twitter
Treejack activity example

User centered information design

Your study participants will complete a tree testing activity online using their own computer. They will be asked to nominate where they'd expect to find the answers to a series of tasks using your information architecture.

Tree testing will help you understand:

  • Is my website or intranet content hierarchy well structured?
  • Is the taxonomy and navigation labelling appropriate?
  • Can people find what they're looking for?

Information architecture design and validation

Treejack has the most comprehensive, beautiful and insightful tree test results available anywhere.

Task by task breakdown

The task statistics shows you how many participants found the correct answer, how directly they arrived at their chosen answer and how long they took to do it.

Treejack path breakdown

Detailed path analysis

Affectionately known as the “pietree”, the detailed path analysis tool shows you where your participants went at each junction and where they all selected their final answers.

Treejack path analysis

Destinations table

The destinations table gives you a quick overview of your tree, highlighting the correct answers and the probable problem areas where people incorrectly “found the answer”.

Treejack destinations table

Downloadable results

Perform advanced tree test analysis with our analysis spreadsheet, based on the work of Dave O'Brien.

For further clarification, get the full path information for each participants and see which paths they took.

Share your results

Once the results are in, you can share them with co-workers, clients or friends!

Choose which parts of the results analysis you want to share, or restrict access to keep your data in confidence.

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