Qualitative research

One tool for all your insights and analysis


It’s no secret that the qualitative research process can get messy and overwhelming. That’s why we created Reframer – one tool to power your entire qualitative research workflow, from conducting interviews and capturing observations, right through to tagging and visualizing your data.

An intuitive, end-to-end workflow

Reframer was built specifically for qualitative research. It keeps all your crucial user interviews and usability testing metadata in one place. With powerful segmentation and tagging functionalities, it’s easy to slice and dice your data and uncover those juicy insights.

Flexible, in depth analysis methods

Thanks to Reframer’s powerful analysis tools, uncovering insights is easy. Visualize and group your observations by proximity using the affinity map; explore the connections between tags and spot key themes with the chord diagram; and slice and dice your data to discover patterns with the theme builder.

Make qualitative research a team effort

Invite guest notetakers to help with note-taking and tagging during interview sessions, and collaboratively group and analyze observations on the affinity map with team members. Need the raw data from your interviews to share with stakeholders? Download it at the click of a button.

5 tools, infinite possibilities

The Optimal Workshop suite offers up 5 quantitative and qualitative tools to support your user research journey from beginning to end.






Recruit quality participants

Finding the right study participants can be tricky and time-consuming – so leave that to us. With access to over 50 million people worldwide, our recruitment service can connect you with the right participants for your studies.

A single source of truth

All your vital data in one place. The Optimal Workshop suite provides a single source of truth for all of your user insights, as well as enabling you to confidently analyze and share your findings.

Endless opportunities

From testing out a new homepage idea to creating brand new digital experiences; building a checkout flow for an ecommerce site to revolutionizing online banking, our customers use the Optimal Workshop suite for just about anything – and you can too. 

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