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A qualitative research tool

Better, faster qualitative research

From user interviews to usability tests, qualitative research can get messy, especially when you rely solely on notepads and Post-it notes. Reframer is your team’s new qualitative research sidekick that makes the process quicker and easier, giving you results in no time.

Plan your research

Set research objectives with your team and make sure everyone has what they need to get the study underway.

Capture information and observations

Note down what your participants are thinking, feeling and doing during sessions, or import existing research to analyze later.

Review data from your team

Make sure the data that you and your other team members captured is tidy, tagged and ready for analysis.

Make sense of your findings

Cut to the chase and spot themes in minutes. Get to insights from user tests and interviews quickly through our easy-to-use analysis.

Capture all your research in one place

It’s easy for you and your notetakers to capture qualitative research observations straight into Reframer during user tests or interviews. With a distraction free environment, you can focus on what’s important — your participants.

A screenshot of the main capture screen

Tag data to make analysis a piece of cake

#Hashtag as you note down observations to make discovering patterns and trends a breeze, or leave that until you review your data later. Use the tag drawer to quickly select from your existing tags. Capture a quote and we’ll automatically tag it for you too.

A screenshot showing success used as a tag in an observation

Get others involved with research

Create an understanding of your customers across stakeholders and business units by getting other team members involved with research. At the end of research sessions, look through the data you and your team captured to make sure it’s in great shape so you can analyze it together.

A screenshot showing the review screen with observataions taken by a study member called Ania

Discover themes in hours instead of days

No need for scribbly notebooks and Post-its here — Reframer does all the hard work for you. Use the theme builder to group together and create themes to pull out insights from your findings. Chord diagrams show you relationships between all your tagged observations, allowing you to spot themes at a glance.

A screenshot showing the theme bulider view

Make your research traceable and portable

Keep all your research in one place for better traceability and visibility later. You can import existing research into Reframer to make analysis easy, or export the data you captured in Reframer elsewhere.

A screenshot showing two sessions for participants called Ed and Bob

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