Surveys for user research

Ask, Recruit, Learn

User research is exciting. Gathering opinions is intriguing. Understanding human behavior and synthesizing into motivations is downright stimulating. Questions is the new online survey tool built especially for user research. Create surveys quickly in over 70 languages and collect data with ease.

Flow gather@1x Use Questions for your next opinion gathering survey
Flow recruit@1x Recruit participants from our panel or from your own list
Flow explore@1x Explore the results and make informed decisions

Got a great question?

Ask the right questions

Your team can now create simple surveys with Optimal Workshop and keep all your surveys in one place.

With Questions you’ll be using a tool built especially for user researchers. We’ll help you get to the heart of the matter.


Recruit the right people

Use our integrated recruitment service or your own channels. Either way you can ask screening questions to ensure you get the targeted results you need without wasting anybody’s time.

Reduce the time between wondering and knowing by asking what you need to know.

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Learn from your results

A clean results platform lets you and your team view results in real-time. Export all your data for further analysis in your favorite tools.

Slice and dice your results by looking into segments implied by answers to any discrete question.


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