Card sorting

Discover how people categorize information

Structure your content in a way that makes sense to the people who use it. Card sorting uncovers your users’ mental models, so you can create an information architecture that works.

Save time with automated analysis

Get your time back, OptimalSort helps you find themes in your card sort data in minutes. Quickly gather actionable insights using seven different analysis methods including Dendrograms and the Similarity Matrix. Identify common groups at a glance with comprehensive and vibrant visualizations.

Provide the best participant experience even when you’re not there

OptimalSort delivers your participants an intuitive, enjoyable online card sort experience. Your unmoderated card sorts run in the background, while you focus on other work. Or use OptimalSort in a moderated setting in person or online, the choice is yours.

Make confident design decisions based on data not assumptions

OptimalSort removes guesswork and unvalidated opinions by providing you with detailed insights straight from your users. Share the results with stakeholders and team members to get everyone on the same page and moving in the right direction.

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Get results in hours with in-app recruitment

Find and recruit high quality participants with instant, in-app access to our panel of over 239 million participants. For highly targeted participants use our custom recruitment service.

Learn more about card sorting and OptimalSort

Dive head first into card sort analysis
Dive head first into card sort analysis

Learn how to interpret that juicy card sort data with OptimalSort.

Understand card sorting
Understand card sorting

Deep dive into the methodology of card sorting in our 101 guide.

Learn more about OptimalSort
Learn more about OptimalSort

Learn how to build, run and analyze your OptimalSort studies.

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