Card sorting

Understand how people group and label information


Structure your content in a way that makes sense to the people who use it. Card sorting uncovers your users’ mental models, so you can create an information architecture that works.

Save time with automated analysis

Get your time back, OptimalSort helps you find themes in your card sort data in minutes. Quickly gather actionable insights using seven different analysis methods including Dendrograms and the Similarity Matrix. Identify common groups at a glance with comprehensive and vibrant visualizations.

Optimal Workshop Similarity Matrix in OptimalSort

Provide the best participant experience even when you’re not there

OptimalSort delivers your participants an intuitive, enjoyable online card sort experience. Your unmoderated card sorts run in the background, while you focus on other work. Or use OptimalSort in a moderated setting in person or online, the choice is yours.

Optimal Workshop Closed Card Sort with OptimalSort

Make confident design decisions based on data not assumptions

OptimalSort removes guesswork and unvalidated opinions by providing you with detailed insights straight from your users. Share the results with stakeholders and team members to get everyone on the same page and moving in the right direction.

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Use card sorting to build better digital experiences

OptimalSort enables you to build websites, intranets and apps that make sense to your users. Gain insight into how people group and label ideas and make data driven changes and recommendations.

Our card sorting tool helps you to:
  • Build your website based on data, not assumptions
  • Collect the insights you need quickly and easily
  • Share your insights with the people who need them
Two people using a laptop to create a card sort online.

Trusted by more than 420,000 customers globally

When you should use card sorting

It’s best to do a card sort when you want to answer a specific, information-related question. For example:

  • Building the structure for a new website
  • Working out where a new category should sit on a website
  • Figuring out what should go on the homepage

Card sorting is most useful when you’ve got the information you need to organize, but you’re just not sure exactly how to organize it.

Card sorting tips and tricks

Card sorting guide
Card sorting guide

Learn more about card sorting in our 101 guide

Help center
Help center

Learn how to build, run and analyze your OptimalSort studies

Explore a demo study
Explore a demo study

Complete a card sort study as a participant and then analyse results

Even more powerful with tree testing

Once you understand more about how your users categorize and label information it’s time to use Treejack, our tree testing tool. A tree test will allow you to test the proposed site structure, categorization and labels and understand where and why people get lost in your content.

The Optimal Workshop suite offers five quantitative and qualitative tools to support your user research journey from beginning to end.






Recruit quality participants

Finding the right study participants can be tricky and time-consuming – so leave that to us. With access to over 50 million people worldwide, our recruitment service can connect you with the right participants for your studies.

A single source of truth

All your vital data in one place. The Optimal Workshop suite provides a single source of truth for all of your user insights, as well as enabling you to confidently analyze and share your findings.

Endless opportunities

From testing out a new homepage idea to creating brand new digital experiences; building a checkout flow for an ecommerce site to revolutionizing online banking, our customers use the Optimal Workshop suite for just about anything – and you can too.  

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