First-click testing

Learn which actions your users reach for first

Increase success rates by creating interfaces that people will understand straight away. First-click testing measures the usability of your digital experience based on the actions users reach for first. Benchmark, compare, iterate and evaluate your website or app, to deliver the most efficient and intuitive user experience.

Increase conversion and task success rates

Ensure that visitors can find what they need on the first try. Conduct first-click testing to discover where people expect to find the information they are looking for.

Get quick insights on your prototypes

Run a click test or impression test on an image or prototype of your interface to get quick answers about your designs. Results will show whether people know where to click or not, giving you an indicator of how easy to understand your design is.

Share results for quick decisions

Chalkmark’s clickmaps give you the objective data you need within seconds. The clear visualizations, such as the heatmap and click density grid, help you to identify key themes and share your first-click findings with stakeholders and team members. Website usability testing and analysis doesn’t need to be difficult.  

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Learn more about Chalkmark
Learn more about Chalkmark

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Understand first-click testing
Understand first-click testing

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Does the first click really matter?
Does the first click really matter?

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