“Life at Optimal Workshop”

Imagine a world where people aren't wasting time getting lost online... Come and help us build tools for experience designers that make a real difference.

Work how you want with lots of great support

At Optimal Workshop, we’re all about creating good experiences for everyone. It’s something we keep at the forefront of everything we do. We’re always keen to hear from like minded people who love a challenge, thrive on working in a fast paced and fun environment, and live for greatness (just like us here at Optimal Workshop HQ!).

We work from a great New York loft style office on Allen Street, Wellington. We live in Slack, Trello and Spotify, and we love our daily Havana coffee. We're a friendly bunch — see our Instagram to learn more about us and our awesome workplace culture. Social events are high on the agenda too!

We use Ruby on Rails and other cool tech such as VR headsets, a pancake making robot, and an office drone. You can also choose everything you need for your workstation.

We love to keep on learning new skills. Peruse the books in our office library, order some new titles to add to the collection, attend a workshop, or do some online learning on us!

We attend, sponsor, host and present at some of the best and biggest industry events both locally and around the globe. Happy customers regularly profile our tools on stage.

We think you might like it here.

Check out our job openings

A fun workspace that cares for you

Better Experience Bureau

The Better Experience Bureau is here to ensure that everyone in and around Optimal Workshop is having a happy and productive day, every day. They’ll also set you up with all the branded swag you need.

Health and fitness

If you like to stay active (just like us!), we provide an annual health and fitness fund to help you pursue a new activity and improve your long-term health. We also have our very own in house Juice Technician who makes us awesome fresh juices and smoothies every day.

Optimal lovin’

We’re a family at Optimal Workshop, and we help each other out whenever possible. We recognize the efforts, hard work and amazingness of others by handing out Bravo Awards. Social events are also something we love — from secret team getaways, karaoke nights, laser force, and after-work drinks.

Craft and mastery

We love to learn new things and stay up to date with trends in our industry. Each Optimalian can attend conferences or workshops related to their own craft, as well as the UX industry to keep learning on the job.

Comfy spaces to get in the zone

There are heaps of cool spaces in our office for everyone to chill out in. Throw a few darts by the beer shrine, soak up some sun on the balcony, have a meeting on the couches, or get some quiet working time on the beanbags.

Inhouse security

Our Chief of Security and Vice President of Sandwich Tasting, Bowie the Dog, is here to keep you safe and secure. However, he can easily be bribed with bellyrubs or a head scratch…

Job Openings

Ruby on Rails developer

Are you an intermediate to senior Ruby developer with a passion for making things that people use everyday and love? Do you want to work with a friendly and supportive development team right in the heart of Wellington? If this sounds exactly like you, we want to hear from you.

What you’ll be doing day-to-day:

  • Full-stack web development working with Ruby on Rails 5.1, React, JS
  • Pair programming in our continuous learning environment
  • Working with a multidisciplinary team, including designers and researchers
  • Research data number crunching and visualizations
  • Performance tuning and uptime improvements
  • Enhancing our existing suite of user research tools.

We’re looking for someone with:

  • Excellent communication skills (code included) to collaborate with a wide range of people
  • Experience in Ruby On Rails preferred and a good attitude and willingness to learn are vital
  • Experience with React and ES6 JS is a bonus
  • Comfortable working in an agile environment (yes, you'll be pair-programming)
  • An inquisitive, proactive and friendly manner
  • A pioneer’s mindset and the ability to thrive within a fast-growing company.

Site reliability engineer

Are you a software developer with a passion for infrastructure, or vice versa? Do you want to help build infrastructure and AWS knowledge in a team of passionate developers? Are you driven to make development operations more effective and efficient? We’re looking for a site reliability engineer to work alongside other SREs and software developers to innovate and provide technical guidance for our infrastructure.

What you’ll be doing day-to-day:

  • Ensuring high availability and performance of our production environments
  • Overseeing the testing and staging environments and tooling
  • Maintaining and building out our infrastructure-as-code solutions
  • Contributing to our Ruby on Rails applications and other future software solutions
  • Monitoring and ensuring best practices for security and hardening is being adhered to
  • Developing documentation and training material for our developers, building on a DevOps approach to our infrastructure
  • Maintaining our monitoring systems and providing on-call support
  • Staying vigilant with respect to personal privacy and data security
  • Managing vendor relationships and overseeing infrastructure maintenance
  • Keeping an eye on infrastructure trends and planning for the future
  • Enabling better, more efficient outcomes and the support and improvement of our build and release pipeline.

We’re looking for someone with:

  • Knowledge of AWS services
  • Broad software development experience (Ruby preferred but not essential)
  • Experience with, or desire to learn, infrastructure-as-code solutions, especially Cloud Formation
  • A passion for learning and sharing knowledge
  • The ability to take initiative and work autonomously with all areas of the company
  • Excellent communication skills with both technical and non-technical people
  • The ability to thrive within a fast-growing company
  • An inquisitive, proactive and friendly manner.

SaaS stack administrator

Do you have a passion for problem solving, learning, and dot connecting? At Optimal Workshop, we not only create great software-as-a-service tools ourselves, we also rely on a stack of others every day. We’re looking for a software stack administrator to ensure everyone has appropriate access to what they need, and all the tools are configured effectively, kept tidy, and working for us (not the other way around) as smoothly as possible.

What you’ll be doing day-to-day:

  • Being the go-to point for all the intricacies of configuring and maintaining our software stack. On a daily basis we use Jira, Confluence, Trello, Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Google Suite, Zoom, and more.
  • Diving into processes within and around the tools we use to identify ways we can be more efficient and effective in the things we do
  • Understanding how the tools can be made to work ever-better for us, as individual tools, and by integrating them together as an automated whole
  • Identifying needs and training our team in best practice use of our internal tools (you might be creating reusable, concise onboarding and upskilling videos or documents for this)
  • Troubleshooting software issues, finding work arounds — helping to get the tools out of the way wherever possible
  • Ensuring that everyone has access to what they need, and only what they need
  • Staying vigilant with respect to personal privacy and data security.

We’re looking for someone with:

  • Experience administering Salesforce and Atlassian software
  • A passion for learning and sharing knowledge
  • The ability to work autonomously and with all areas of the company
  • Excellent communication skills with both technical and non-technical people
  • The ability to thrive within a fast-growing company
  • An inquisitive, proactive and friendly manner.

Product designer

Are you a passionate designer who loves problem solving and crafting great design? Do you enjoy digging in to front-end code to help bring those designs to life? We’re looking for a hands-on product designer to join our team.

What you’ll be doing day-to-day:

  • Working collaboratively in a passionate, multi-disciplinary squad to turn visions, strategic requirements and insights into concepts
  • Converting prototypes into final designs and helping bring those designs to life using front-end code
  • Crafting beautiful, accessible and engaging UI
  • Socializing and implementing best practices for UI design, leveraging industry standards
  • Applying strategic thinking and demonstrating awareness of business goals
  • Being part of a friendly and supportive team of designers
  • Striving for a highly usable and engaging end-to-end user experience.

We’re looking for someone with:

  • 3 or more years experience in UI design
  • 3 or more years experience in front-end coding (HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript)
  • The ability to quickly create prototypes that communicate concepts and ideas at an appropriate level (from low-fi to high-fi)
  • An understanding of usability, accessibility, and privacy by design best practices
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A pioneer’s mindset and the ability to thrive within a fast-growing company
  • An inquisitive, proactive and friendly manner
  • A happy attitude to working in an agile environment.

For bonus points (but not essential), you’ll have:

  • An understanding of front-end frameworks such as React and Angular
  • Experience working with a team of developers on a single code base, using version control (we use Github)
  • Knowledge of qualitative research methodologies (you’ll be working closely with a UX designer and a researcher).

Product manager

Are you a product evangelist who lives for the tightrope walk of balancing customer needs, business priorities and technical possibilities? Do you believe that product management's role is to assist product teams in identifying opportunities and building the right solution at the perfect moment? We share your dream. Our product management team is growing!

What you’ll be doing day-to-day:

  • Empathising with the needs of our customers from small business teams to enterprise, whilst identifying the common threads that tie them together
  • Managing customer expectations and working to deadlines while connecting multiple teams including sales, marketing, customer success and other product squads together
  • Forecasting resourcing needs and liaising with the recruitment team
  • Keeping yourself and the squad up to date on industry trends, opportunities and shifts in the competitive environment
  • Working within a multidisciplinary team, including developers, designers, researchers and data scientists to prioritise customer needs and translate them into solutions
  • Using qualitative and quantitative data to inform decision making and report on how things are going
  • Working alongside your fellow product managers to optimise our product decisions and share common goals
  • Talking with customers to identify their needs and sell that vision to the squad
  • Defining and aligning strategies and the product roadmap across multiple squads.

We’re looking for someone with:

  • Excellent communication and problem solving skills
  • A proven record of communicating effectively with technical disciplines
  • A pragmatic approach to prioritisation and problem solving
  • Experience with SaaS products or the user experience industry would be the cherry on the cake!

Video content creator

Are you a passionate videographer with end-to-end production skills? Do you thrive on measuring and optimising your videos’ performance to maximise your efforts? We’re looking for a one-person crew to take charge of our video needs.

What you’ll be doing day-to-day:

  • Working primarily in our Community Education team to create engaging videos that educate new and existing customers
  • Collaborating on the team’s content and campaign strategy
  • Defining and measuring success for the content you create
  • Working with other teams within the company to help them create and use video effectively
  • Driving the storyboarding, scripting, directing and production of videos that communicate a clear narrative and reach goals
  • Creating animations that enhance our storytelling and help convey complex ideas
  • Acquiring an intimate understanding of our brand and tone to develop our company image
  • Filming in-house presentations for sharing with our remote teams.

The current equipment you’ll be working with is:

  • a Canon EOS 70D
  • a Rode mic
  • a Zoom H4n recorder
  • basic lighting gear
  • the Adobe suite.

We’re looking for someone with:

  • 2 or more years of video making experience, ideally with animation skills
  • Experience in marketing and use of video in content strategy (particularly B2B)
  • Basic photography skills for staff portraits and marketing imagery (preferred, but not essential)
  • The ability to lead projects and collaborate effectively with a range of people
  • An inquisitive, proactive and friendly manner.

Getting hired

  1. We’re based in Wellington, New Zealand. This means that you’ll need the right to work in New Zealand and be prepared to live locally.
  2. Write us an awesome cover letter and send it along with your CV to jobs@optimalworkshop.com
  3. For creative roles, don’t forget to include your portfolio or examples of your work.
  4. If you tick enough boxes, we’ll ask you to come in for a chat or meet us in cyberspace.