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About us

We’ve taken years of experience in user research and user experience consulting and created a suite of usability testing tools designed to help designers and information architects improve the user experience of their products.

In 2004 two Usability Consultants set out to create a quick and easy method of running a remote card sort. They came up with an online card sorting tool and quickly discovered the benefits of remote user testing, providing useful quantitative data for their client and quickly developed tools to assist with analysis of this data. In 2007 Optimal Workshop was born and added two more world class usability testing tools to their belt.

Users worldwide

We’ve built upon proven user research methods to make global usability research easy and affordable. In doing so, we are helping user experience designers, information architects and usability researchers, in 106 countries, and from some of the biggest organizations around the world, design ways to make the world a little easier to navigate and enjoy. Our tools continue to grow worldwide with users able to create studies in over 70 different languages.

Saving time

Our customers are putting people first by studying behaviour and designing ways to make life a little easier and more delightful, in the process saving thousands of people from a lot of confusion, frustration and wasted time.

An Improved user experience provides measurable benefits for a business or organization, including lower development costs, higher rates of customer acquisition and loyalty, increased team productivity and stronger brand equity.

Optimal Workshop’s tools helped us rapidly identify and address IA issues with confidence. This work has influenced the global direction of Vodafone’s websites.

David McNamara
Design & Usability Manager, Vodafone New Zealand


Fast Pitch Competition 2008
Best Funding Opportunity

Cool Vendors in Application Development, 2012

Asia Pacific 2012
Ranked 217th

Innovation in Information Communications Finalists