• How many people use search over navigation?
  • Some say a simple search function can solve all your navigation woes, but that's simply not true! Here we discuss both search and navigation, and how you can improve the navigation of your own site.
  • Treejack takes a trip with American Airlines
  • With 57% of all travel reservations made online, airlines need to ensure their digital channels are delivering a great user experience. The only way to find out exactly how well they are doing this is to test it.
  • How to create use cases
  • Whether you’re working in software development or product management, it’s important that you have a way to plan and test whatever ideas you have brewing in your mind. This is where use cases come in handy.
  • Understanding UI design and its principles
  • What’s involved with UI design and, more importantly, what makes good design? We take a look at some of the basic principles involved and some tools to help you create beautiful things.
  • A guide to conducting a heuristic evaluation
  • Heuristic evaluations are a great method to use to review your user interface. Before you dive into your own heuristic evaluation, take some time to learn what they are, what’s involved, and how to conduct one.
  • How to do an A/B test
  • Ever wanted to make a change to part of your site but don't know if it will perform better? A/B testing can help you figure this out.
  • A short guide to personas
  • Are you thinking of using personas? Read on to understand what they are, the process for making them and how to use our very own Chalkmark to validate them.

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