ConceptCodify and Optimal Workshop

The story of ConceptCodify from its founder

We’ve welcomed ConceptCodify users onto our OptimalSort platform, which is now the new home for their surveys. And we’re pleased to be sharing the following post written by ConceptCodify’s founder. (Thanks Kevin!)

Reframer strikes a chord … diagram

I’ve created two new data visualizations for your Reframer projects.

Reframer gets the *STAR* treatment

Introducing a super cool new feature for your Reframer projects

“So, what do we get for our money?” Quantifying the ROI of UX

UX Agony Aunt on what’s worth quantifying to demonstrate a Return on Investment for your projects.

We’ve updated our Terms of Service

Here’s a quick overview of what’s changed.

Where digital sits on the org chart: A coming of age story

Where do digital teams belong in large organizations?

Avoiding bias in the oh-so-human world of user testing

Humans can be easily swayed towards a particular response — here’s what to watch out for in user testing.

To wizard, or not to wizard: designing forms that work

Take people through step by step, or leave them to it? UX Agony Aunt tackles forms.

Holding your ground: how to negotiate fees as a freelance UXer

Tips for freelancers on negotiating price and getting what you’re worth.

“I need to upsell an item for charity during the online checkout process…”

UX Agony Aunt has advice this week on how to handle the delicate business of charity upselling on an ecommerce website.