User testing with the right audience

Collect highly-targeted survey participants effortlessly. Our new feature makes it easy for you to access millions of survey participants around the world.


Participant recruitment made easy

Previously, quality market research was only available to big corporations, leaving everyone else priced out of reaching consumers. Now, you can recruit targeted participants at an affordable price in three easy steps.

Create your survey

Sign up or log in to your Optimal Workshop account and create an OptimalSort, Treejack or Chalkmark survey.


Select your targeted audience

Select participants based on the age, gender, and country of the intended audience for your website.


Launch your survey and analyze your results

Launch your survey and see the results in real time within days.


Why use our recruitment option?

It’s easy to use

You no longer need to fill out forms, send emails or follow up on quotes from research agencies — you can do it all through your Optimal Workshop account.

You’ll get tailored quantitative data

You can access and choose from over 10 million individuals from more than 50 countries around the world.

It’s reliable and fast

You should start seeing results in real time within a couple of days.

Pricing is customized

Your pricing will vary based on the number of participants you need, the demographics you choose and the time it takes for people to complete your survey.

Got questions?

What are the delivery times?

You can generally expect results in a couple of days. The delivery schedule will change in real time as you select your target audience, so you’ll know what to expect.

How is the cost calculated?

You receive a breakdown of your costs before you order. The amount you pay is based on:

  • the number of tasks, questions, and card sorts in your survey
  • the number of ‘needed answers’
  • your specific demographic requirements

What demographics can I choose from?

At present, you can segment your participants by age, gender and country. We’ll be adding more targeting options in the near future.

How do I pay for this service?

Once you fill out the panel form, you’ll be asked to pay the amount that is quoted for the participant recruitment. You can pay for this service with your existing card or by entering new card details when prompted.

Need more information?

Send an email to us at

Ready to start recruiting?