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Tell your stories for World Usability Day 2015

The theme for World Usability Day 2015 is The Year of Innovation, so we're exploring what “innovating" or "being innovative" actually looks, sounds, and feels like to people in our industry. And we’d love your help.

Why and how we’re running this project

Can you picture what innovation looks like? What it feels like? If someone asked you to ‘Innovate by Friday’, as Dan Szuc says in Sleepwalking to Sparkle, would you know where to start?

Abstract nouns muffle the actions they represent. So when we’re asked to bring “innovation” to a project, chances are we’re all thinking something slightly different.

Our solution? We established the top six verbs that drive innovation by running a closed card sort, in which 78 of our peers sorted our list of 50 carefully-selected verbs into four categories.

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We’ll be announcing one of the top six verbs each week over the next six weeks. We’ll invite you to join the public conversations, and to submit your own thoughts, ideas, and stories on each verb.

We’ll release a free ebook that shares a variety of perspectives (including yours) on how each verb drives innovation.

How you can join the conversation on Slack

The User Experience Design channel on Slack is hosting AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with our industry’s bright minds to discuss how the verbs relate to innovation. This is a great chance for you to ask questions and test your own ideas about the verb with your peers.

Joining the AMAs is easy — if you’re not a member already, sign up to the User Experience Design Slack channel and keep an eye out for announcements on the AMA thread.

How to submit your stories for the ebook

We’re writing and curating a free ebook that will shed light on how the top six verbs contribute to innovation, and we invite you to share your stories and anecdotes via the form below. As the weeks go by, we’ll select and collate submissions for the ebook.

We want to see tangible, illustrative, original, and personal stories that shatter the abstraction of ‘Innovation’ and make it into something we can see, hear, sense, and almost taste. Feel free to attach images and links that illustrate your ideas.

We want to share a variety of perspectives for a balanced illustration of what innovation means for you and the broader UX community (including semantic wranglings and disagreements). We want this ebook to be about you, by you, and for you.

Submit your stories and anecdotes

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