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UX Punk Questions

Coming to Optimal Workshop from UX Punk... what next?

Who and what is Optimal Workshop?

Optimal Workshop is a software company in New Zealand working hard to create a world where people aren't wasting time getting lost online. The Optimal Workshop Suite is a set of three user research tools called OptimalSort, Treejack and Chalkmark.

Why did Optimal Workshop acquire WebSort and PlainFrame?

We bought WebSort because it was the first card sorting tool available online and has gathered a lot of passionate customers over the years. Although WebSort's technology was aging, our research found that many people continue to use WebSort more for the pay-per-use model rather than anything else.

Optimal Workshop had plans to launch a pay-per-use billing model too, so why not launch it to a hungry crowd? We bought PlainFrame because it is an interesting take on the tree testing method we pioneered with Treejack.

Why are you retiring WebSort and PlainFrame?

WebSort was built more than 10 years ago. Although a long life is cause for celebration in itself, and while the technology set (Adobe Flash and Spaghetti PHP) was cutting edge at the time, it is now drastically outdated. Everything you loved from WebSort is now available in OptimalSort (and much, much more), on a well supported, much more accessible, usable and standards based technology stack. WebSort has done a great job, but we can no longer maintain it.

PlainFrame was built more recently, using the same technology set as WebSort, and is very much a Minimum Viable Product. Although we love the direction and the innovative ideas it demonstrates, it has more bugs than users so we're taking it offline for now. We have some exciting ideas for a version 2, but it will be a complete rewrite, so in the meantime we suggest you use Treejack.

Why is my UX Punk account migrating to an Optimal Workshop account?

Optimal Workshop is the parent company of UX Punk. Providing UX tools that are continually improving and adapting to user needs is best achieved under one roof. The Optimal Workshop team believe this is a more efficient and effective way to deliver a better service for you and your clients.

What's happening to my data and studies?

We have safely moved any WebSort studies you may have completed over your new Optimal Workshop account.

What are the sign-in details for my new Optimal Workshop account?

The sign-in details are exactly the same as your UX Punk details (email and password).

I have an Optimal Workshop account. Will my UX Punk data be moved to this account?

Your UX Punk data will be moved into your existing Optimal Workshop account only if you use the same email address for both accounts. If use a different email address, then your UX Punk data will be moved to a new Optimal Workshop account. You can access this by signing into your new Optimal Workshop account with your UX Punk email and password.

I'm on the free plan with UX Punk. Will my studies and data be moved over?

Yes. If you have completed any WebSort studies, these can now be accessed in your new Optimal Workshop account.

How much will pay-per-use cost with Optimal Workshop?

Optimal Workshop pricing for pay-per-use study upgrades is cheaper than WebSort was at $99 USD. This pricing model is designed for those who:

  • know they have a single study to conduct
  • prefer a discreet amount they can oncharge to customers as an invoice line item over a subscription
  • and value knowledge that the amount will not recur if the study takes longer than anticipated

For all other people the monthly or annual subscription model will continue to be a better value proposition as you get the benefit of conducting as many studies as you like for the duration of your subscription.

What happens to my WebSort and PlainFrame study credits?

We have moved your WebSort and PlainFrame study credits across Optimal Workshop account. As a bonus you can now use these credits with any of our tools.

What if I'd prefer to be on a subscription?

You can redeem your WebSort and PlainFrame credits for monthly subscriptions with any of the Optimal Workshop tools. Just email info@optimalworkshop.com with this request. Each credit is equal to a month subscription.

Do my credits have participant limitations?

Study credits with WebSort and PlainFrame have historically had participation limits (100 participants per credit for WebSort). With Optimal Workshop you can now have as many participants as you need (within reason, we'll define this more carefully if needs be, but 'thousands' is a lot more than 100 and should be enough for anyone to get the insights the tools are designed for).

Can I use my credits on any study or tool?

Yes, you can now use your remaining credits for any Optimal Workshop study using OptimalSort, Treejack or Chalkmark.

I had an Annual Plan with WebSort. What happens now?

We have upgraded your WebSort subscription to a full Optimal Workshop Suite, and added on an extra month so you have some extra time to get acquainted with the new tools.

Will Optimal Workshop charge me any fees?

Optimal Workshop will not bill anything to your credit card without your express permission. UX Punk processed all payments using PayPal and Optimal Workshop uses PaymentExpress. We cannot transfer your billing information from PayPal to PaymentExpress anyway, so we have no way to bill you anything without your permission. If you'd like to subscribe or pay-per-use with Optimal Workshop you can do so here: www.optimalworkshop.com/pricing

What about my Annual Plan? I want to renew with Optimal Workshop

This subscription will not automatically renew at the end of your term. You should receive an email letting you know when your subscription is about to end, at which time you can log into Optimal Workshop and subscribe to whichever plan you need.

What about the additional users I had configured on my WebSort subscription?

Each user configured on your WebSort Enterprise account has now been given their own Optimal Workshop subscription and an extra month as above. Optimal Workshop doesn't currently provide a UI for you to manage your own users, and pricing is per-user. Email account@optimalworkshop.com if you need to discuss requirements for the next subscription term.

I am currently in the middle of a study. What will happen to my participants?

Aside from the short outage while we migrated date from one database to another, your studies will run uninterupted. Some participants may have received the WebSort UI and some the OptimalSort UI. Our research has found no significant impact on the responses given due to card sorting participant UI differences between OptimalSort and WebSort, but the analysis tools available in Optimal Workshop are far superior so we both apologise for the abrupt change, and hope you'll be pleasantly surprised with the end result.

The WebSort results analysis tools are pretty great. What can I expect from OptimalSort?

The OptimalSort results analysis tools are superior to what you're used to in WebSort. All the visualisations you're used to in WebSort are available in OptimalSort, plus others. The results are downloadable in the same formats, plus others.

How do I find more information about using Optimal Workshop tools?

You can find information about all the Optimal Workshop tools at: www.optimalworkshop.com. We also have a knowledge base for any detailed questions, or of course you can get in touch with us at: support@optimalworkshop.com

I love the support I get from WebSort. Can I expect the same great support from Optimal Workshop?

Yes. If you've received support for WebSort or PlainFrame you will have exchanged emails with Sarah. Sarah is joining Optimal Workshop's Better Experience Bureau from UX Punk and has already been working on customer support for OptimalSort during the transition. For all support queries please email support@optimalworkshop.com.

How do I contact support about a certain issue?

You can email Sarah for any issues regarding this move. If you have any general queries about the Optimal Workshop tools, please review their knowledge base or send a message to support site and they'll get back to you.

Where do I find Optimal Workshop's Terms of Service and Privacy Notice?

How do I change my email or password in my new Optimal Workshop account?

Once you've logged into Optimal Workshop go to 'My account' -> User Settings.

I have another question!

We are really keen to make this a smooth transition for everyone. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all: support@optimalworkshop.com.