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Dear UX Agony Aunt,
I'm struggling to find out how to design a mega menu. I don't know where to start! Can you help?

Avatar john doe

Not to worry darling!
I've just answered your question and published it on our blog.

Avatar agony aunt
UX Agony Aunt

Sometimes we all need an extra bit of help

Have a research problem you can't get your head around? A client who doesn't want to invest in user research? Lack time, money, or enthusiasm for the next big thing on your design to-do list?

Optimal Workshop wants to help you kiss those challenges goodbye. So, without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to UX Agony Aunt. Ask your question now

Who is UX Agony Aunt?

UX Agony Aunt is an opinionated, charismatic, and quick-firing advice columnist who keeps on hand a bag of UX tips, tools, and tricks to help you get unstuck.

What she knows, she'll share in spades. What she doesn't, she'll find out. What she writes, you'll want to read.

What questions should I ask?

Anything that springs to mind as you go about your UX practice. No question is too big, no problem too small (nor too weird), so the sky's the limit. Including a few details or key words will help her to write a response that gets to the heart of your question.

What happens after I ask a question?

Like Agony Aunts of yore, she keeps her mailbag close by and will be in contact soon. And although she wants to answer every question, she's got her hands wrapped around lots of tea pots, and thus can't promise a response for everyone.

If she selects and responds to your question, we'll let you know when it hits the Optimal Workshop blog.

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