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Take the guesswork out of information architecture

Turn frustrated users into happy ones by helping them find the information they’re looking for.

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Find out where your users get lost in days – not months

Treejack allows you to test your information architecture with a simplified text-based version of your website. By removing distracting visual design and navigation aids, you can measure how easy it is for people to find information.

You can use Treejack to:

  • See if people can find what they’re looking for on your website
  • Identify where they’re getting lost in your information architecture and why
  • Test if your labels make sense
Treejack task
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Set up a study in minutes with our simple interface. Recruit using your own network, or take advantage of our affordable recruitment panel to find the participants you need.

Benchmark your existing website to measure improvements over time, or test your new ideas to make sure you’re on the right track.

Understand user behavior with beautiful visualizations

Interpret your results in a flash with the most comprehensive tree test results available.

See where users get lost

Use our flexible visualizations to see how users move through your information architecture – including where they get stuck.

Slice and dice as you like

View data holistically with our dashboard or dig deep into the data with individual participant views.

Convince your stakeholders

Once you’ve finished your study, easily share your results with stakeholders, co-workers or clients.

Privacy guaranteed

Choose which parts of the results analysis you want to share, or restrict access to keep your data private.

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Easily recruit participants

Recruit participants through your own social media channels with our customizable URL.

Have specific recruitment needs? Use our integrated participant recruitment service to find the participants that will be the most valuable to you.

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Tree testing loves card sorting

Team up card sorting with tree testing for a deeper understanding of your users. Card sorting with OptimalSort helps you to understand how users group content, while tree testing will show if these groupings work — using both gives you the insights you need to improve your site structure.

Our suite gives you access to 5 research tools, including OptimalSort, giving you the flexibility to test and iterate your ideas with ease.

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Treejack is a great tool for testing out a multi-leveled IA. The results gave me an instant appreciation of what was working and what was not.

Marlena Dijkstra
Independent Usability Consultant

It is so fast and easy to set up that it's really crazy not to use it.

Jason Holmes
American Greetings

Learn how to run an effective tree test

Find out how to run your first
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