Tree testing

Evaluate the findability of your content

Identify where and why people get lost in your content, and fix it. Tree testing helps you evaluate the findability and hierarchy of content on your website, app or intranet. Test, iterate and validate your design decisions to build an intuitive digital experience that’s simple for your users to navigate.

Test early and often

Tree testing allows you to test your site structures, categorization and labels before you design a user interface, saving you time and resources. Benchmark your current structure, test proposed structures against your benchmark, and continue to iterate as you discover opportunities for improvement.

Powerful automated insights

Treejack automatically analyzes all the results for you. Multiple visualization methods – like pie tree and task comparison – make it easy to interpret and share your findings.

Easy and intuitive to use

With Treejack, you can create and launch a user test in days, not weeks, and validate your site navigation rapidly with real human data. The participant experience is seamless and intuitive too, so you can run unmoderated tree tests without needing to be there to guide your participants through the test.

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Learn more about tree testing and Treejack

See Treejack in action
See Treejack in action

Learn how to benchmark an existing site structure with Treejack.

Understand tree testing
Understand tree testing

Deep dive into the methodology of tree testing in our 101 guide.

Learn more about Treejack
Learn more about Treejack

Learn how to build, run and analyze your Treejack studies.

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