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Usability Research Services

We've taken our years of experience in user research and user experience consulting and condensed it into a suite of usability study tools. We use these tools everyday to help clients around the world improve the usability, findability and user satisfaction of their websites and intranets. As well as making these tools available to you we are able to work with you to ensure your user research project is a success.

Our sister company, Optimal Experience is member of the UX Alliance, the global leader in user experience and user research. This means that you now have access to not just the Optimal Workshop tools and our wealth of experience from thousands of user research projects, but also to the skills and experience of UX Alliance members around the world.

Services Available

Onsite Senior Analyst

We can send an experienced user research consultant to work onsite with you and your team anywhere in the world on a user experience research project for one full week. This style of project has many benefits including skills transfer, fast results, flexible time and activity prioritization, external perspective and face to face communication. This package can be tailored to your requirements such as including all expenses, flights and accommodation, remote preparation time in advance, and remote follow-up activities as required.

Complementary Support

We offer very helpful email assistance to all our customers. Naturally we will prioritize paid accounts over free accounts on busy days, but everyone is eligible for this free email support. Visit our support site for more information.

Dedicated Remote Collaboration

You can hire a dedicated remote consultant to work with you to set up your studies, write tasks, interpret results, refine and iterate the study itself. After discussing your unique requirements with curious interest we will provide the right person for the project, either internally or from a UX Alliance member company.

Send us an email to find out more about how we can work together on your project.