How to report a security issue

At Optimal Workshop, we take the security of our products seriously. Even though we make every effort through education, best practices and external audits, it’s possible that a security vulnerability may be present.

If you discover a security issue, we ask that you report it to our security team using the email

The team will be in contact to confirm receipt of your report and discuss the next steps towards addressing the issue.

What to include when raising an issue

When you get in touch with our security team, please provide as much information as you can to help us investigate and replicate the issue:

  • Any steps we can follow to reproduce the issue
  • Target URLs, request/response pairs, screenshots
  • Any suggestions to help us address the problem
  • The device and browser version you were using when you identified the issue

Security Researchers

Whilst we offer our thanks to those working to improve the security of our service we ask that you please respect the following:

  • Don’t use automated tools in your research as they can affect the performance of the service for our customers. We conduct periodic testing of this nature ourselves in a controlled fashion to avoid service disruption
  • Don’t knowingly compromise any user’s privacy, attempt to alter data or in any other way impact the performance or integrity of our service
  • Give us reasonable time to respond to your report

Other issues

For non security related issues please contact our ever vigilant customer success team at, you guessed it,