It’s Research Month at Optimal Workshop

Research Month is a celebration of all things UX and user research. Throughout the month of March, you’ll see new, exclusive content release each week on topics from card sorting to the future of UX and more.

Content summary

Week 1: Card sorting

For week 1, we’re taking a closer look at card sorting, one of the most powerful research methods for understanding how your users think. In the field of user research, few methods surpass card sorting for figuring out how your users understand and categorize information.

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Week 2: Discovery

This week is all about discovery: one of the best ways to learn more about the problem you’re trying to solve, as well as the opportunities in front of you. One of the most important steps you can take as a researcher is to move from tactical (evaluative) research to discovery (generative) research.

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Week 3: Stakeholder management

Stakeholder engagement is one of the fundamentals of good research. How should we involve them in our research and how do we present our findings back to them? Bringing a stakeholder on as a note-taker is just one way to involve interested stakeholders.

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Week 4: The future of UX

It can often seem like UX is the end game, that we finally have a term that encompasses and explains the work that we do – accurately. That might not be the case. It’s time to leave the present behind. Let’s take a look at whether UX is here to stay and the importance of making effective user research your next north star.

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