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Capture the experiences and
opinions of your users

Our online survey tool, Questions, makes it easy to capture the voices and opinions of your users. Build surveys your way with a variety of question types, in more than 80 languages. Gather easy-to-read results, and slice and dice them with flexible segmentation and filtering options.

Ask the right questions

Build your survey using a variety of question types to help you find the answers you need. Create your survey in no time and upload wireframes or images to add another layer of insight to your surveys. Use logic to personalize surveys for your participants, creating a better experience for all.

Study the participants who matter most

Don’t spend hours sifting through survey results from participants that aren’t quite right. Add screening questions to ensure you have the right participants for your study and remove the noise. Save time and resources and get the data your team really needs.

Learn from your results

Get the answers you need to make confident, informed decisions. Access easy-to-read results in real-time; and enable your team to dig deeper by looking into segments with the ability to filter based on any questions in your survey.

Get results in hours with in-app recruitment

Find and recruit high quality participants with instant, in-app access to our panel of over 239 million participants. For highly targeted participants use our custom recruitment service.

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Learn more about Questions
Learn more about Questions

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3 ways to use online surveys in UX research
3 ways to use online surveys in UX research

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101 Guides

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