Analyzing your qualitative data

Once you’ve completed all your sessions, it’s time to start your analysis. Analyzing your qualitative data will give you the key insights you need to create better products and services for your users.

The analysis process is like distillation: you start with cleaning up and breaking down your raw materials, then refine the materials in a few rounds which gradually makes the materials more condensed, until you’re ready to distill them.

We know different researchers have their preferred ways of making sense of their data, which is why we built Reframer to accommodate the two main approaches to analysis. 

For quick and easy analysis, jump into the affinity map, or for a more robust analysis of all the emerging trends and concepts from your data, tag them and do a thematic analysis and visualization with the theme builder. Or better yet, use both of these approaches together to really get down to the nitty gritty of your data.