What to do post test

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Debrief with your team

Once your session is complete, it’s a good idea to conduct a debrief, allowing the team to come together and pull out key insights from what everyone saw and heard during the session.

Host this meeting as soon as possible after the session has finished so that the information is still fresh in your minds — booking in time immediately after each session is ideal!

If you had multiple notetakers and observers, encourage each person to list their most significant outtakes from the session to find patterns among what was observed across the team.

The debrief is an opportunity for the team to look through the session and review relevant findings in Reframer. Use the filter to bring up any starred observations so the team can discuss them together, such as why they were starred or if anything in particular made these observations stand out. You can even use this time together to tidy up some of the data and get rid of duplicates and errors before moving on to analysis.

Capture observations from a recording

In some circumstances, you may choose to record your sessions and make notes by reviewing the recordings.

You can use Reframer to make notes from your video or voice recordings in the same way a notetaker would capture observations during live in-person sessions.

This can be the case if you don’t have a dedicated notetaker, in which making notes on your own during the session could be disruptive.

Import observations from elsewhere

If your notetaker has used a different method for taking notes other than Reframer, you can import this information directly into your individual sessions. If you have information on the time your observations were taken, you can include timestamps for individual observations.