Create a study in Reframer

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Set up your study in advance so that you’re ready to go for your first usability testing session.

You can organize your usability testing sessions and the observations that you capture for each session within a Reframer study.

When you create a new study, you’ll be able to add study objectives and reference links in the overview screen. Use this space to outline the purpose of your research and any other important details.

This is also a place to keep links to prototypes, wireframes and other documents so your team has everything they need on the day of your usability test.

Keep all the essential information relating to your test on the overview page.

Add sessions

Once you have your first participants scheduled, you can start to create sessions in Reframer’s Sessions tab. Use the ‘Session information’ field to add any relevant information about your participant during or after your session, such as demographics, their experience using your product, or any other details worth noting.

This is also where you add Segments to each of your sessions. Segments are useful for identifying participant characteristics such as demographics, personas or user types. They come in handy when you’re analyzing your results and wanting to identify patterns in your data across different groups.

Any helpful information about your participant and the session can be added to the session overview.