Participants and Questionnaire

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The Participants table displays useful information about every participant who started your tree test, and can be used to clean and filter your tree test data.

It’s a good idea to take some time to review the table before you start your analysis. This will give you a better understanding of which participants you want to include in your results. 

You can sort the table according to ‘time taken’, and exclude participants that you think finished the tree test too quickly – this could mean these participants may not have read the tasks properly and just clicked around the tree without thinking, which will skew your data.

You might also want to sort the table by ‘tasks successful’ to see which (and how many) participants have a success rate of 50% or less in completing the tasks. This will give you insight into patterns of unsuccessful tasks, meaning they’re unclear or your tree needs to be iterated.

Participants who fail to complete all tasks are automatically excluded. However, if you consider their completed or incomplete tasks to be useful, you can still include them. You have control over who to include and exclude.

You can also use this table to select and reload results based on answers to questionnaires, or based on identifiers you’ve requested. You can do this any time during your analysis.

Tip: If you used our in-app recruitment tool, you can easily replace study participants should you need to. Read more about replacing participants in-app and our participant response flagging feature here.


If you have a screener survey or pre or post-study questions, the results will show up in the Questionnaire tab. 

Similar to the Participants tab, this is helpful if you want to filter and view participants by their response to a particular question. This is useful for understanding any patterns of a particular type of participant or demographic.