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First-click testing measures just that: individual clicks in response to tasks. How you measure things like success will depend on how you’ve set your test up and what your objectives are. You may not be interested in success rates at all, but instead just be curious about where people clicked, and thus how they perceive your content.

Bring to mind — and to hand — the questions you set out to ask at the start, like the following:

  • How many people got their first click correct? How many failed?
  • Where did people click instead, and why might that be?
  • Where will most people click when there’s two potential correct answers?
  • How long did it take people to click on average?

Our main question: On the Bank of America website, when people need to calculate their home loan payments, will they find and click on the ‘correct’ button that will get them the answers they are looking for (‘Calculate your monthly mortgage payment’), or will they look somewhere else?   

Number of completed responses: 38

Number of successful clicks: 35

Average time taken: 21.7 seconds

Our webpage and results (Three different views of the same data):

Heatmap vs Grid vs Selection


*please note this study data is only for example purposes


*please note this study data is only for example purposes

Custom selection:
To use the selection view, use your cursor to drag out and select an area of your clickmap to view the percentage and number of clicks in that area. This can be helpful when you have a large button or thumbnail where the clicks are spread out but you want to count them as one group. 

*please note this study data is only for example purposes

Our analysis: 92% of people (35 clicks) did go to the ‘Calculate your monthly mortgage payments- Try it out’ button. 8% of people (3 clicks) clicked elsewhere on the page, either on ‘5 steps toward your new home loan’ or ‘Get the latest mortgage rates’. Perhaps the biggest insight is how long it took people to click on average: 21.7 seconds! That’s like weeks on the web!

Downloads tab

Finally, you have the option to download the analysis that Chalkmark has conducted for you. You can get heatmap images to include in your reports, spreadsheet summaries of the correct/incorrect clicks or the entire raw data as a spreadsheet.