Scale your research with remote user testing

Remote, unmoderated testing is a great way to get feedback from your users at scale – and at a lower cost than in-person testing.

Our powerful unmoderated tools are a great way to get started with remote UX research.

The pros and cons of remote user research

Any good research practice should use both remote and in-person research. Here are some of the pros and cons of remote user testing.


Faster for you and your users

Significant cost savings

Diversity of perspectives

Access participants all around the world

Digital first – Never lose important insights on Post It Notes or in notebooks again


Can’t always see your users

Can miss certain qualitative insights

Harder to help or prompt users if they get stuck on a task or question

Know your methods

Grow your understanding of remote research testing methods and execute them with powerful research tools.

Learn from the best

See how Xero futureproofed their customer support experience with remote research tools and methods.

Our Customer Success team is here to share with you how to use our remote research tools to transform insights into action and make decisions with confidence. Our range of tools is well-positioned to help you with your remote research needs.

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