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Abstract Image of Card Sorting with OptimalSort

Card sorting

Discover how people conceptualize, group and label information. Quickly gather actionable insights with automated analysis and comprehensive visualizations. Understand users’ mental models so you can build a content structure that’s easy to understand.

Abstract Illustration of Tree Testing with Treejack

Tree testing

Evaluate the findability of your content, and identify where people get lost. Tree testing allows you to test your content structures, categories and labels before you hit the visual design phase, saving time and resources. Whether you’re building something new or improving an existing website or app, use Treejack to make it intuitive for users to navigate.

Abstract Illustration of Qualitative Research with Questions

Qualitative research

Collect and tag notes and observations from user interviews and usability tests. Make sense of your qualitative research with the affinity map, or slice and dice your data to discover patterns with the theme builder. Reframer is the end-to-end qualitative research tool for capturing and analyzing data all in one place.

Abstract Illustration of First-Click Testing with Chalkmark

First-click testing

Learn how well your digital experience matches your users’ expectations. First-click testing measures the usability of your interface based on the actions people reach for first. Get quick answers that enable you to create an interface that’s easy-to-understand.

Abstract illustration of the online survey method

Online surveys

Capture feedback and opinions from your users with online surveys. Gather easy-to-read results in real-time; and dive deeper by building segments based on any questions in your survey. Enable your team to understand user needs and design digital experiences with empathy.

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Find and recruit high quality participants with instant, in-app access to our panel of over 239 million participants. For highly targeted participants use our custom recruitment service.

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Combine qualitative and quantitative research methods to get a clearer picture.

See responses as they come in and start identifying patterns in your data as soon as you launch your study.

Easily iterate and compare ideas as many times as you like to find a solution that best meets user needs and business goals.

Share your results with stakeholders and decision makers, and demonstrate ROI by comparing benchmarked results with your tested iterations.

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