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Access to 5 powerful tools to drive your research

The toolkit to discover, test and validate

Tree testing

Test the information architecture, labeling and design of your website or intranet with Treejack.

First-click testing

Run tests on wireframes and prototypes with Chalkmark to identify usability issues before you write a line of code.

Card sorting

Get robust card sort results with both remote testing and moderated research by using OptimalSort.

Online survey

Questions is a survey tool built for researchers. Slice and dice your results by looking into segments implied by answers to any discrete question.

Qualitative research

Use Reframer to capture qualitative user notes and spot themes.


Participant recruitment made easy

  • Avoid the hassle of recruiting by using our quality-guaranteed recruitment panel. We offer several demographic filters, as well as the option for additional screening.
  • Recruit participants for free through your own website, social channels or mailing list.
  • Choose from over 80+ languages and from a pool of 50 million participants all over the world.

Analyze your results and gain insights with ease

  • Combine qualitative and quantitative research methods to get a clearer picture.
  • See responses as they come in and start identifying patterns in your data as soon as you launch your study.
  • Easily understand your data and combine, filter and export your results as you need.
  • Share your results with stakeholders and decision makers, and demonstrate ROI by comparing benchmarked results with your tested iterations.
  • Easily iterate and compare ideas as many times as you like to find a solution that best meets user needs and business goals.

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  • Tree testing with Treejack
  • Card sorting with OptimalSort
  • First impressions with Chalkmark
  • Online surveys with Questions
  • and qualitative research with Reframer

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