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From Sleepwalking to Sparkle
by Dan Szuc

Dan strings together stories from his childhood, his early working years, and his recent past to shed light on the problems he sees facing project work today. He invites us to reflect on what frustrates us about our work, and posits that we need to go deep to find out what will take us from sleepwalking to sparkle.

Dan Szuc boldly questions the very nature of the work we do as UX practitioners. Drawing upon his travel and consulting experiences in several countries and across multiple industries, he combines mindfulness with method, productivity with inner peaceā€”a kind of 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' for the modern world. Highly recommended

Matt Magain
Chief Doodler at Sketch Videos

I like how Dan has highlighted important concerns with our current work environments. He shares his journey through the realisation of these problems, and the possible solutions that everyone can follow. Don't get lost in the busyness, letting it become just work. Keep it something we love, continue to sparkle.

Natalie Eustace
User Experience Designer, Wynyard Group

About Dan

Dan is a Principal Consultant at Apogee, as well as the co-founder of the UX Hong Kong conference. He has been involved in the UX field for over 20 years, and has been based in Hong Kong for over 18 years.

Dan has lectured about usability, user-centred design, and user experience globally. He co-wrote The Usability Kit, an implementation guide providing best practices and guidelines for usability teams, and he holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Management from Melbourne University in Australia.