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Our customer success team, Alex, Joel and Paddy, regularly host webinars to showcase all the cool things you can do with the Optimal Workshop Platform.

Meet your hosts



Customer Success Manager

Film photography aficionado



Customer Success Manager

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Customer Success Manager

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What will you learn?

The best way to set up studies

We’ll explain how to put together effective studies using each of our tools.

How to interpret your data

Learn what to look for when analyzing the results of your studies, including how to use the different analysis views we offer.

How and why you should use our tools together

Our tools work best when used together. Get a better idea of how, why and when to combine our tools.

Chat with us in person

Our webinars are a great opportunity to quiz our awesome customer success staff.

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1st April 2020  | Wednesday  | 3:00 pm.  GMTRegister now

7th April 2020  | Tuesday  | 3:00 pm.  PTRegister now

15th April 2020  | Wednesday  | 3:00 pm.  GMTRegister now

23rd April 2020  | Thursday  | 3:00 pm.  PTRegister now

29th April 2020  | Wednesday  | 3:00 pm.  GMTRegister now

6th May 2020  | Wednesday  | 3:00 pm.  PTRegister now

Watch this space, more webinar dates to come

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