Why UX research teams shouldn’t work in silos.

In the spirit of collaborative research, we’ve put our top five key reasons to work together in one place. Why? Well, we want to help you scale your UX research practice, save time and bring your stakeholder and wider organization on that journey with you.

5 ways to ensure your UX research team
doesn’t work in silos

When thinking about how you do research at your organization here are things you should consider when building a cohesive, collaborative and effective team.

Putting it into practice with Intuit

Learn more about how Intuit’s design team is using Optimal Workshop to build easier to use products for their customers by focusing on navigation and information architecture.

Optimal Workshop really helps us test at scale. With one of the projects that we were working on recently, we were able to run 600 different tree test studies. And in the process of doing those, we really narrowed in on a direction that we feel confident in launching in product because it could have a really major impact.

Natalie Harmon

Senior Product Designer


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