Reveal first impressions of designs and screenshots

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First click testing of screenshots and visual designs ensures that your users get started on the right foot when they hit your website.

Use Chalkmark to increase your customer conversion and task oriented success rates by getting quick feedback on designs before you implement or update them.

Sounds like what you're looking for?

I can test wireframes without being physically present in a room with participants. It expands my testing and actually gives me more accurate results, while I continue to do my other work!

Jessie Broderson

It is so refreshing to have a task this important be this easy.

Justin James

First Impression Testing is Easy

1. Upload your images

Your images could be wireframes, mockups or screenshots of your existing site. Anything where the first impressions of your users matter to you.

2. Set tasks

We're here to find out if people can find what they came for on your website or intranet. Just enter the common tasks for your site. e.g. “Find the latest and greatest mobile phones.”

3. Recruit participants

We give you a unique study link that you can email to your users and customers, post on your website, tweet to the world, or use our integrated participant recruitment.

Crowd Sourced Intuition

Your study participants will complete a first impression testing activity online using their own computer. They will be asked to nominate where they'd expect to find the answers to a series of tasks and you'll get a heatmap of where they click first.

Chalkmark activity example

Try a Chalkmark click test for yourself

Website Usability Testing & Analysis


Chalkmark heatmap analysis

Chalkmark's heatmaps will show you visually where your users clicked on your images for each task assigned.

Click density grid

Chalkmark grid analysis

View your click results on a colored grid.

Custom selection zones

Chalkmark custom selection

Click and drag to specify the areas where you want clicks counted.

View the results as a UX researcher

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