Customer Success Manager

Permanent position


Optimal Workshop is building discovery tools for crafting better human experiences. Our software is used by experience designers, information architects and user researchers in over 132 countries and in over 80 languages worldwide.

Role Purpose

The Customer Success Manager’s mission is to maximise customer engagement and grow the value of their portfolio by retaining and expanding the Team customers in their portfolio

This role will onboard new customers, regularly connect with existing ones, and ultimately partner with them to help grow the impact of Optimal Workshop supported research practises within their business.

You will  understand the B2B SaaS customer lifecycle, inject thought leadership into customer relationships, and deliver world-class customer experiences through collaboration with Rev Team colleagues in Sales, Product Coaching, Frontline Support, Revenue Operations and Marketing.

Key Accountabilities

Retention and Expansion
  • Retain and expand customers in your portfolio, in partnership with a Product Coach, by fostering regular health checks with Team owners, deploying user training, and navigating customer procurement.
  • Develop and deliver Success Plans with key customers to retain and grow their use of Optimal Workshop tools, recruitment and other value-add services.
  • Drive ongoing customer dialog for product innovation, including capturing customer feedback and communicating new features, capability and Optimal Workshop content.
Customer onboarding and service delivery
  • Co-lead the handover of newly won Team customers from Sales to Customer Success.
  • Perform onboarding for new admins and users, with support from a Product Coach where required.
  • Kick off and assure the smooth timely implementation of value-add services, including Single-Sign-On and Multi-Team Structures.
  • Be the escalation point for key service delivery items, including business support issues.
CRM and Commercial Hygiene
  • Ensure our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and associated systems are regularly maintained with customer contacts, email records, revenue forecasts, opportunity progress and customer agreements.
Customer Referrals
  • Elicit referrals from existing customers for new in-house teams and new customer logos.
Squad and Faculty Success
  • Actively contribute to the achievement of your squad’s goals, from pre sales to customer engagement, to improved systems and processes.
  • Actively contribute to the improvement of the Customer Success Faculty and its practises.

What success looks like

  • Increased portfolio revenue growth, from renewals, expansion, recruitment and other value-add services.
  • Positive indicators of Customer Health, both in terms of Customer Relationship quality and Product Engagement.
  • High customer retention rates across your squad and the overall Customer Success Faculty.
  • High degrees of participant recruitment in your portfolio.
  • High quality referrals to new customers, both in-house and other organisations.
  • High employee engagement across your squad and Faculty.


  • Confident, knowledgeable and approachable in remote customer and user enablement in a fast-scaling organisation.
  • Confident with coordinating commercial tasks and responsibilities, including legal agreement reviews, procurement processes and revenue forecasting.
  • Thought-leading and consultative with customers, especially stakeholders who influence buying and adoption.
  • Excellent problem solving skills and passionate about the customer journey and customer advocacy.
  • Demonstrated ability to work across multiple stakeholders with different priorities.
  • Able to thrive while working remotely in a fast-scaling organisation.
  • Capability to absorb a core understanding of Information Architecture, User Experience (UX) Research and what makes a UX-mature organisation.

People and Culture

  • Demonstrates a growth mindset and is committed to continual self-improvement, with a focus on growth and performance.
  • Engages as needed in the scoping, recruitment and onboarding of new team members. 
  • Demonstrates commitment to cross squad and team communication, collaboration and connectivity.
  • Upholds the principles of and models the behaviours of The Optimal Way championing the Optimal Workshop culture and living and breathing our values: 
    • Approachable – We’re here when you need us and love a silly question. We give people the tools and knowledge they need to get stuff done and grow. We’re exclusively inclusive because we care!.
    • Bold – We’re not afraid to do things differently and make a few mistakes along the way. We take ownership of opportunities and find the courage to forge a better path.
    • Curious – We’re insatiably curious, just like our customers. We prove hunches with data and follow our instincts. We put people at the heart of everything we do.

We believe building diversity at Optimal Workshop enhances our workplace and helps us drive the success of our business. It not only provides us with a broad range of perspectives that leads to healthy discussion and better decisions, but it also means our workforce better reflects our hugely diverse community and industry. We therefore actively work to encourage and support employee diversity across Optimal Workshop.

We like to do things differently at Optimal Workshop – Do you?