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Use card sorting to build better digital experiences

OptimalSort enables you to build websites, intranets and apps that make sense to your users. Gain insight into how people group and label ideas and make data driven changes and recommendations.

Our card sorting tool will allow you to:
  • Build your website based on data, not assumptions
  • Collect the insights you need quickly and easily
  • Share your insights with the people who need them
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When you should use card sorting

It’s best to do a card sort when you want to answer a specific, information-related question. For example:

  • Building the structure for a new website
  • Working out where a new category should sit on a website
  • Figuring out what should go on the homepage

Card sorting is most useful when you’ve got the information you need to organize, but you’re just not sure exactly how to organize it.

Card sorting tips + tricks

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Learn about card sorting

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Card Sorting 101

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