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The Better Experience Bureau is a team dedicated to improving your experience with Optimal Workshop. We listen, brainstorm, interact and develop ways to make your time more enjoyable.

If you have questions about our tools or need us to make a paper plane for you, the BXB will be thrilled to help. We’ll even make a hot cup of tea (with some ginger nuts) if you pop into our office.

We’re ready and passionate about creating a better experience for you and your community. So throw us an email with some thoughts on how the Better Experience Bureau can help you.

I appreciate it Ross. This is the second time I've dealt with your customer service and between it and your excellent products I'm definitely an Optimal Workshop fan. I've only used Treejack for two months now but really enjoy digging deeper and deeper into all of it's "goodies". Keep up the good work and I'll be using you soon.

Avatar john doe

William, you are my second favourite person in all of New Zealand. If you ever visit Canada, you can stay at my house. We'll watch hockey games together. Do Kiwi dances and I'll teach you how to speak like a real Canuck while we fight off polar bears getting in the way of a decent barbeque in the middle of a snowstorm. That's my promise. You can borrow my car. Best...William...evar.

Avatar john doe

I love your products. I enjoy using them so much that I sometimes get frustrated when I have to do other parts of my job.

Avatar john doe