Build better digital experiences, backed by data

Quickly and easily test anything from website architecture to design prototypes with our suite of specialized user research tools.

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Capture, analyze and visualize your qualitative data

Try Reframer, our qualitative research tool for usability testing, interviewing and note-taking.

Empower your research team with 5 tools in one place

Made for
multiple workflows

Test, learn, observe, capture, and analyze all in one place. Optimal Workshop gives you 5 specialized tools to support critical parts of your research workflow.

Built for

Democratize user research by enabling seamless collaboration across your organization.

Drives confident

Use in-depth, easily digestible analysis to make data-driven decisions with ease for your website, product, app or prototype.

How to start gathering insights quickly (and easily)

Identify your opportunity

Create a plan, choose the best method, and launch your first study.

Identify your opportunity

Target your audience

Use our participant recruitment service to help get in front of the right people or choose the audience yourself.

Target your audience

Discover and analyze

Dive into your findings and get insights quickly with meaningful visualizations and multiple types of analysis.

Discover and analyze

Share insights

Download, export and share research findings easily to keep your stakeholders informed.

Share insights

Keep on improving

Don’t stop there – keep iterating and working on opportunities to improve with multiple methods that give you the full picture.

Keep on improving

Ways to make the most of Optimal Workshop

There are a number of ways to use our user research platform, and here are some of our customer’s favorites.

Information Architecture

Discover how people interact with your content and get the insights you need to make it more user-friendly.

UX Design

Evaluate and test your digital prototypes – and validate your designs with data.

User Research

Democratize research across your organization and give your research teams the tools they need to test early and often across multiple methods.

See Optimal Workshop in action

Try a demo study for yourself and get stuck into some data analysis with our fictional Telecom provider, Banancom.

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