Surveys are broken behind my company's firewall or proxy

If participants are accessing your survey from a corporate network, the network's rules may be preventing some parts of the survey from loading. This can interfere with your survey in a number of ways:

Unresponsive welcome page

We use JavaScript libraries which are served by Google APIs (via in order to increase performance. However, if your proxy or firewall blocks traffic from the Google APIs the participant interface will appear to be unresponsive. Namely, clicking the continue button will do nothing, and the background color of the content will be white. If you unable to have Google APIs unblocked by your IT department please drop us a line and we can change your account over to use the libraries hosted on our servers.

Company logo not appearing

All of our customer's logos are hosted on Amazon's S3. If your proxy blocks traffic from this service then participants will not be able to see your company's logo.


If you have any further questions or are experiencing problems with the participant interface not addressed in this article please don't hesitate to let us know.