Passing an email address or other identifier into (or out of) your survey

Note: You'll need a paid subscription in order to use this feature.

Sometimes, you already have the participant's name, or email address, or customer number when it's time for them to do a survey, and it's what you want them to be identified by when they do your survey. There are plenty of reasons for this:

  • You've already asked for it in a separate screener
  • They're already logged into the system you're administering the survey from
  • You're redirecting them from one Optimal Workshop survey to another

In any case, you don't want them having to enter their details again in order to do the survey

Passing a name, email etc. into your survey

Optimal Workshop survey URLs take the form

To pass in your own identifier for the participant, add the query parameter "i=XXXXX" to the end of the survey URL. So, in the case of a treejack survey, it might look like this:

Note that when you do this, any other identifier that you've asked for will be hidden from the participant. They won't have to enter it again.

Redirecting with the same identifier once the participant has completed

On the "Access" tab of the survey setup page is a text field for entering a post-survey redirect. To insert whatever was passed in at the beginning of the survey into the URL, use the text "[ENTRY]" as part of the redirect.

As an example, if you enter this url into the post-survey redirect field:[ENTRY]

When your survey is completed, assuming the participant was identified themselves as "" when they started the survey, they would be redirected to

Note that when you preview your survey, this redirect won't appear to work correctly, since the preview doen't create a participant record in our database. To confirm that the redirect works correctly, you'll need to "launch" your survey.