Chaining multiple surveys together

Note: You'll need a paid subscription to chain surveys together.

If you want your participants to do more than one Optimal Workshop survey in one sitting, you can pass them from one survey to another by using the post-survey redirect. This way, they only need to enter their details once.

(But if you're asking pre- or post-survey questions, you'll need to ask them in each survey if you want to be able to filter each set of results)

As an example, let's say that you have an Optimal Sort survey and a Treejack survey. You want to redirect automatically from the Optimal Sort survey to the Treejack survey to make things easier for your participants.

First, you'll need to go to the survey setup page for your first survey (in this example, it'd be your Optimal Sort survey). On the "Access" tab of the survey setup page is a text field for entering a post-survey redirect. Enter the address for your second survey here, but append the text "?i=[ENTRY]" onto the end. So, if your second survey's URL was

You'd put:[ENTRY]

When participants finish your first survey, they'll be redirected to the second survey - and the text "[ENTRY]" will be replaced by the identifier they provided at the start. Your participant won't have to type in their name (or email address, or whatever) again for each survey.

You can chain as many surveys together as you like, across all three applications, though please keep the attention spans of your participants in mind when you do this - too many surveys and your participants are sure to get bored and drop out. But even if they do, don't worry - all the surveys they've completed up until that point will be saved.

For more details on this feature, check out this related article.