How do I add cards to an OptimalSort survey?

There are two ways to prepare your OptimalSort survey cards - using a spreadsheet, or by entering them directly into the text box on the OptimalSort Cards tab.

Use the text editor on the OptimalSort Cards tab

To add cards to your OptimalSort survey directly, just type them one-by-one into the text box on the OptimalSort Cards tab. You'll find the Cards tab by creating a new OptimalSort survey (or by clicking on the name of a survey the surveys list) and clicking "Cards".

Type each card on a new line. You can add an optional description to a card by entering your card in the following format: “card title | card description”. An example group of cards might look like this:

Broccolini | a green vegetable similar to broccoli with long, thin stalks.

Copy and Paste from a spreadsheet

To add cards from a spreadsheet, you'll need to copy and paste two spreadsheet columns into the text box on the OptimalSort Cards tab. The first column will be your card names, and the second column will be your card descriptions. When you paste into the text box, a pipe “|” character will automatically be added between the card titles and descriptions.

Here's what your cards might look like in the spreadsheet:

And here's what they’ll look like after you copy and paste them into the text box:

Adding cards to a live survey

Once your survey has been launched, you won’t be able to add more cards. To add cards to a survey once it is live, you will need to duplicate the survey and edit the duplicate.