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Supporting the ‘Tame Taxonomy’ workshop

Our good friends Alberta Soranzo and Jessica DuVerneay are running a Taxonomy workshop for the Information Architecture Summit in sunny San Diego (26-30th March 2014). So let’s hear from the organizers themselves on what’s involved in the workshop. They also… Read More »

First click test for Saint Patrick’s Day

For St. Patrick’s Day 2014, we decided to create a fun and quick first click test using Chalkmark. The objective was to test your geographical knowledge of Ireland and Optimal Workshop. We created 4 tasks and we promoted our survey… Read More »

Optimal Workshop welcomes WebSort and PlainFrame users!

Today we have exciting and emotional news. Optimal Workshop has acquired WebSort and PlainFrame, two tools for card sorting and tree testing respectively. We’re really excited to be welcoming so many new users to Optimal Workshop on one day. Welcome!… Read More »

UX Resolutions (2014)

As New Year’s Day is nearly upon us, we decided to ask our beloved customer base (which is bursting with UX professionals) a simple question; ‘What are your aspirations for 2014?’ Let’s skip the ‘a fresh start…new beginnings’ content and… Read More »

Hold the Mayo: Tree-testing the Mayo Clinic website

For World Usability Day 2013’s theme of healthcare, we continue our look at the findability of  prominent healthcare websites. This time we look at the world-famous Mayo Clinic: Just as we did for the World Health Organization (WHO), we ran… Read More »