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From Exposition to Resolution: Looking at User Experience as a Narrative Arc

Chad Haefele explores the relationship between crafting a user experience and storytelling, and engages with ideas from UX storymapping experts Donna Lichaw and Lis Hubert.

Can remote tree testing predict moderated results? A fascinating study by a UX expert

When choosing online research tools, it helps to have confidence that the data produced by the tool will do a reasonable job of predicting what will be found using moderated usability testing — the gold standard of usability research. Recently, we were able to focus on whether remote tree testing could predict the results of moderated studies — and it turns out it can.

UX Design in practise — upcoming ebook analyzes Yelp’s desktop website

We’re collaborating on an ebook about the UX Design Process. It’ll be a great chance to see our tools in practise, and to learn how to connect the dots between research and design.

Moderated Card Sorts VS Online Card Sorts — why you need both

Have you ever suggested doing an online card sort and been told no ‘because the conversation in the room is the most valuable part of a card sort’? I have. Repeatedly. I decided it was time someone actually tested that theory. So when the opportunity came up at work, I jumped on the chance to run this experiment. My research task…

Chalkmark rolls out a new animation video

We would like to welcome you to the new Pixar production (not true), directed by Steven Spielberg (not true) and starring Sarah Jessica Parker (also not true) in this year’s awesome blockbuster — First Click Testing with Chalkmark. Treejack and OptimalSort had their fun getting animated last year. Now, it’s Chalkmark’s turn for some colorful love. Let us know what you think…