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Collating your user testing notes: Patterns, themes, and insights gained from scoring, tagging and merging

It’s been a long day. Scratch that – it’s been a long week! Admit it. You loved every second of it. Twelve hour days, the mad scramble to get the prototype ready in time, the stakeholders poking their heads in occasionally, dealing with no-show participants and the excitement around the opportunity to speak to real life human beings about product…

Conversations lead to actions, reports lead to filing cabinets

There are three types of conversations that occur during a usability study: in your head, with the participant, and with the team. If you remain engaged during each of these conversations, your words will have more effect and your job will be much easier. During a usability study I’m focusing most of my attention on my participant, but I also…

How to record and analyze user research observations

Dr David Travis shares insights into how to record and make use of observations from a user research sessions. He explores what an observation actually is, how to record it, and how to analyze the bunch of observations you end up with at the end of a session.

How we used card sorting to design a Style Guide for web developers and UX designers

At Wynyard, we’re bringing UX to the frontline of our product teams. One of our first steps towards UX integration is to create UX style guide that our web developers and designers can look to for styling, components and patterns. Here’s how we used card sorting as part of this project.

97 tags, 37 categories, 172 remote participants: How we’re taming our blog with card sorting

We’re taking you behind the scenes to show you how we’re improving our blog structure using open card sorting.

Teacher taxonomy: What tree testing told us about our website

We provide online resources for K-12 teachers and administrators around the USA, so getting our information architecture right is an artform. Here’s how tree testing helped.

Baby, You Can Park My Car: A vehicular taxonomy mystery

I recently moved desks at work and found myself lucky enough to score a window seat (yay!). The view is a pleasure, but an extra joy was the research question it sparked in my mind within a few days of moving. My new desk overlooks a large open air car park (200+ spaces) in the heart of the busy Canberra CBD.…

Thanksgiving, Chalkmark, and the biggest Turkey: Study findings

We created and ran a Chalkmark study with a Thanksgiving theme. Read the ridiculous key findings, participate in the fun study, or check out the live results.

From Exposition to Resolution: Looking at User Experience as a Narrative Arc

Chad Haefele explores the relationship between crafting a user experience and storytelling, and engages with ideas from UX storymapping experts Donna Lichaw and Lis Hubert.

Can remote tree testing predict moderated results? A fascinating study by a UX expert

When choosing online research tools, it helps to have confidence that the data produced by the tool will do a reasonable job of predicting what will be found using moderated usability testing — the gold standard of usability research. Recently, we were able to focus on whether remote tree testing could predict the results of moderated studies — and it turns out it can.