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Auditing the IRS With Treejack

Every year, the date April 15th strikes dread into the hearts of red-blooded Americans everywhere. Yes, folks, it’s the only other certain thing in life, besides death; it’s Tax Day. To shine a bit of light on an otherwise depressing… Read More »

TV Interface testing with Chalkmark

Testing websites and intranets is a common practice when using the Optimal Workshop tools. But as you may know, we can apply these tools to places outside desktop computers, tablets and phones. To show you how we can expand the… Read More »

Comparing Open and Hybrid Card Sorts with Tripadvisor.com

Millions of young people across the US and Canada are gearing up for the fun-filled week called Spring Break. Traditionally coeds flock to sun-drenched beach and tropical destinations, like Daytona Beach or Panama City, but others might be looking for… Read More »

First click test for Saint Patrick’s Day

For St. Patrick’s Day 2014, we decided to create a fun and quick first click test using Chalkmark. The objective was to test your geographical knowledge of Ireland and Optimal Workshop. We created 4 tasks and we promoted our survey… Read More »

Hold the Mayo: Tree-testing the Mayo Clinic website

For World Usability Day 2013’s theme of healthcare, we continue our look at the findability of  prominent healthcare websites. This time we look at the world-famous Mayo Clinic: Just as we did for the World Health Organization (WHO), we ran… Read More »