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TV Interface testing with Chalkmark

Testing websites and intranets is a common practice when using the Optimal Workshop tools. But as you may know, we can apply these tools to places outside desktop computers, tablets and phones. To show you how we can expand the… Read More »

First click test for Saint Patrick’s Day

For St. Patrick’s Day 2014, we decided to create a fun and quick first click test using Chalkmark. The objective was to test your geographical knowledge of Ireland and Optimal Workshop. We created 4 tasks and we promoted our survey… Read More »

UX in New Zealand with Richard Douglass

When we mention we’re headquartered in New Zealand, we typically get one of the following responses: 1. Lord of the Rings right? I heard it’s beautiful down there. (Yes, it is thanks) 2. Isn’t that like close to Australia? (Yes.… Read More »

Validating personas using Chalkmark

Recently we used simple Chalkmark surveys to gather data to refine the Optimal Workshop personas. While Chalkmark was never designed for this specific purpose, it worked well. We were able to test our ideas and develop new theories about how… Read More »

Be saved!

Just before Christmas we rolled out an update for OptimalSort, Treejack and Chalkmark introducing automatic saving of surveys. This means you no longer have to save your survey manually because it will be saved automatically each time you make a… Read More »