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Office LEGO Man and the Ultimate UX Toolkit (a match made in UX heaven)

It was a great month. We watched with eager eyes as photos were sent in celebrating the things that were engaging people throughout their days for our World Usability Day 2014 competition. And then, a winner. Judges from across the globe brought their wisdom to bear on the top ten entries with the most votes, and one came out on…

My WIAD 2015 Adventure: How I attended a global conference from home

World Information Architecture Day (also known as World IA Day or WIAD) is a very resourceful – and free! – global UX conference hosted by the Information Architecture Institute. WIAD 2015 took place in 38 cities in 24 countries, and had hundreds of talks from both local and industry-leading speakers, all focused on this year’s theme, ‘Architecting Happiness’. Unfortunately, I had…

“How can we reach outside of our known circles to grow our research groups?”

“Dear UX Agony Aunt Wynyard has several local key-customer relationships which we are able to leverage for research and feedback. However, being a New Zealand-based company we are wary that, while this access to local users is invaluable, our market is global. Furthermore, due to the intensive nature of work conducted by our users, they are both time-poor and under…

How we used card sorting to design a Style Guide for web developers and UX designers

At Wynyard, we’re bringing UX to the frontline of our product teams. One of our first steps towards UX integration is to create UX style guide that our web developers and designers can look to for styling, components and patterns. Here’s how we used card sorting as part of this project.

Six ways to run closed card sorts like a boss

Closed card sorting is a versatile research technique with virtually limitless application, and we thought it was time someone sung its praises from the skies. So here’s a post that suggests a few ways you can use it to find out cool stuff about your customers, your teams, your products, and your ideas. A quick word on how closed card…

97 tags, 37 categories, 172 remote participants: How we’re taming our blog with card sorting

We’re taking you behind the scenes to show you how we’re improving our blog structure using open card sorting.

100s of resources, a discerning audience, and a brand new IA: How open card sorting saved the day

We’ve got lots of useful resources to share with the many hardworking school administrators in the USA and beyond, and we want to create a taxonomy that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. Here’s how open card sorting set us off in the right direction.

Researching the researchers and designing for designers

I’ve been working on a few experience design projects at Optimal Workshop since last year. Here’s a glimpse into what I’ve done.

Teacher taxonomy: What tree testing told us about our website

We provide online resources for K-12 teachers and administrators around the USA, so getting our information architecture right is an artform. Here’s how tree testing helped.

Baby, You Can Park My Car: A vehicular taxonomy mystery

I recently moved desks at work and found myself lucky enough to score a window seat (yay!). The view is a pleasure, but an extra joy was the research question it sparked in my mind within a few days of moving. My new desk overlooks a large open air car park (200+ spaces) in the heart of the busy Canberra CBD.…