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Card Sorting outside UX: How I use online card sorting for in-person sociological research

Card sorting has a well-established place in the humanities in disciplines like anthropology and sociology. Rick Moore, a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Chicago, explains how he’ll use online card sorting as part of his research into society and religion.

Behind the scenes of UX work on Trade Me’s CRM system

We love getting stuck into scary, hairy problems to make things better here at Trade Me. One challenge for us in particular is how best to navigate customer reaction to any change we make to the site, the app, the terms and conditions, and so on. Our customers are passionate both about the service we provide — an online auction…

Finally, our 4th tool is out!

We’ve released a new tool designed for gathering and analyzing qualitative research. In this post, our CEO Andrew introduces you to Reframer, and invites you to try it out for yourself.

“Could I A/B test two content structures with Treejack?!”

Our UX Agony Aunt, Ashlea, is back for another interesting instalment…

A sparkly new user interface for your participants

We’ve been improving the UI features of Treejack, OptimalSort, and Chalkmark, and in this post our designer Matt shows you a few befores-and-afters.

Conference: UX New Zealand. Get excited!

From the people who brought you World Information Architecture Day Wellington (that’s us), comes an experience that you and your team won’t want to miss! Apologies for the movie theme introduction, I’m trying to make it feel epic. EPIC. All my New Zealand people, please say hello to ‘UX New Zealand 2015′. Yes, it’s back! Optimal Workshop is absolutely thrilled to be…

Collating your user testing notes: Patterns, themes, and insights gained from scoring, tagging and merging

It’s been a long day. Scratch that – it’s been a long week! Admit it. You loved every second of it. Twelve hour days, the mad scramble to get the prototype ready in time, the stakeholders poking their heads in occasionally, dealing with no-show participants and the excitement around the opportunity to speak to real life human beings about product…

Conversations lead to actions, reports lead to filing cabinets

There are three types of conversations that occur during a usability study: in your head, with the participant, and with the team. If you remain engaged during each of these conversations, your words will have more effect and your job will be much easier. During a usability study I’m focusing most of my attention on my participant, but I also…

How to record and analyze user research observations

Dr David Travis shares insights into how to record and make use of observations from a user research sessions. He explores what an observation actually is, how to record it, and how to analyze the bunch of observations you end up with at the end of a session.

“I’m a recent graduate who wants a UI/UX career. Any tips, advice, or leads to get me started?”

“Dear UX Agony Aunt I’m a recent graduate, and I’m interested in becoming a UI/UX designer/developer. The problem is, I don’t really know where to start! Is it too much to hope for that out there in the industry, somewhere, is a pro who would be willing to mentor me? Any tips, advice, or leads?” — Nishita Dear Nishita, Congrats…