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  • Better research with Optimal Workshop and MURAL
  • The way that we do research and design has changed over the years, thanks to technology. But how can you ensure you're doing a good job at research and design, especially if you're doing it remotely?
  • The unicorn is dead: Soft skills trump coding skills
  • UXers love to explore design and solution spaces. It’s what we do. But in amongst all this, soft skills should always be a big focus. Read on to hear Paul Sherman's thoughts before his presentation at UX New Zealand 2016.
  • From A to UX
  • How can you be successful when making a change? Before her presentation at UX New Zealand 2016, Analyst Team Lead at Xero, Stephanie Wilson, explains how she brought UX practices into her workplace.
  • Time, space and information architecture
  • When you hear the words "information architecture" what do you picture in your mind? For Dan Ramsden, creative director for UX architecture at BBC, he also considers time and space. Read on to find out his thoughts on information architecture
  • How we support the Optimal Workshop community
  • As part of the Customer Success team, I work hard to ensure our customers are getting the maximum value from our tools in order to stick with us for all their user research needs. Read on to find out how I do this.
  • What is temporal design thinking?
  • What is temporal design thinking? And why is it so important? Before his talk at UX New Zealand 2016, Chief Experience Officer at The CranfordTeague Group Jason CranfordTeague, pens some thoughts.
  • Cognitive biases in user research
  • What is a cognitive bias? And more importantly, how can they affect user research? Principal User Experience Consultant Ruth Ellison explains.
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