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World Usability Day 2013

Today, we are thrilled to celebrate World Usability Day 2013 (WUD) with a special research feature and a promotion: Firstly, we have invited an experienced UX professional to review the site structure of two popular healthcare websites: The Mayo Clinic and… Read More »

UX Community and SaaS Marketing Ninja

I still remember the day we flicked the switch and released OptimalSort into the wild way back in 2007. It was an exhilarating and nerve racking moment in my life – would anyone actually use it? Does anyone else geek… Read More »

Quantifying the value of UX design – the interactive infographic

I was raised to believe that when you lost time you could never get it back. Time’s pretty precious. It’s the currency we spend to get things done. Seems to me, more often than not, things end up taking more… Read More »

UX in New Zealand with Richard Douglass

When we mention we’re headquartered in New Zealand, we typically get one of the following responses: 1. Lord of the Rings right? I heard it’s beautiful down there. (Yes, it is thanks) 2. Isn’t that like close to Australia? (Yes.… Read More »

Lying to yourself

Recently we observed a participant in usability testing fail most of the tasks we set him. Surprisingly, when we asked him if he found anything difficult he responded, “No, not at all. BrandX.com is the best!”. This is not uncommon. In… Read More »