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Ross speaks! A five minute chat with one of our developers

We’re posting a series of conversations with Optimal Workshop’s stellar team members — starting with our developers. In this five minute chat, you’ll meet Ross, Lead Developer and chief tea drinker.

User research and agile squadification at Trade Me

Hi, I’m Martin. I work as a UX researcher at Trade Me having left Optimal Experience (Optimal Workshop’s sister company) last year. For those of you who don’t know, Trade Me is New Zealand’s largest online auction site that also lists real estate to buy and rent, cars to buy, jobs listings, travel accommodation and quite a few other things besides. Over three…

The State of UX in South East Asia

Sam Ng, our beloved founder at Optimal Workshop and all around good guy has spent the past two or three years in South East Asia working with education technology, for-profit social enterprise, and not-for-profit initiatives. This follows his 5 years at Optimal Experience and 2 years setting up Optimal Workshop. So we thought he might have a few thoughts about…

UX in New Zealand with Richard Douglass

When we mention we’re headquartered in New Zealand, we typically get one of the following responses: 1. Lord of the Rings right? I heard it’s beautiful down there. (Yes, it is thanks) 2. Isn’t that like close to Australia? (Yes. Just a three-hour flight away) 3. I’d love to go there one day. Recently, UX consultant Richard Douglass got the…

Chat with Jason Holmes at IA Summit 09

A casual conversation with one of our customers while at IA Summit 2009.

Interview with Peter Morville at IA Summit 09

A brief chat with Peter Morville at IA Summit 2009.