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Doodle-y doodle-y doo, deedle-y deedle-y dee

Most people don’t grow up valuing drawing and doodling as primary ways of generating ideas and absorbing information. Reading, writing, and listening are the skills most valued at school, and opportunities to sketch ideas and plans at work are rare unless you go looking for them. But the relegation of drawing to the sidelines of work is changing thanks to…

22 examples of evil design

Chris Nodder’s book ‘Evil by Design’ struck a chord in the minds of both designers and laypeople by discussing how designers can tap into the seven deadly sins that hold humans in thrall. Don Norman explains in the Foreword why design should be based on evil: ‘Simple: Starting with evil means starting with real human behavior. This doesn’t mean the…

Some UX and design gloriousness from the web

Out of the heaving mass of compelling content that is the web, some blogs, sites, and apps push us towards new ways of thinking, or amuse us with their original perspective. Here’s three pieces we’ve come across lately, for your entertainment and education.

User research and agile squadification at Trade Me

Hi, I’m Martin. I work as a UX researcher at Trade Me having left Optimal Experience (Optimal Workshop’s sister company) last year. For those of you who don’t know, Trade Me is New Zealand’s largest online auction site that also lists real estate to buy and rent, cars to buy, jobs listings, travel accommodation and quite a few other things besides. Over three…

The UX language debate — why it’s not a bad thing

Do you call yourself a UX Designer — or does the term make you recoil? The debate about what to call ourselves is fraught and ongoing. But this doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.