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TV Interface testing with Chalkmark

Testing websites and intranets is a common practice when using the Optimal Workshop tools. But as you may know, we can apply these tools to places outside desktop computers, tablets and phones. To show you how we can expand the… Read More »

New features added to OptimalSort

Today, we released the new OptimalSort from the ‘bleeding edge’ to the public. ‘Bleeding edge’ is our beta platform for users to test our new designs and offer us valuable feedback. Why is it called the ‘bleeding edge’? Because testing… Read More »

UX Resolutions (2014)

As New Year’s Day is nearly upon us, we decided to ask our beloved customer base (which is bursting with UX professionals) a simple question; ‘What are your aspirations for 2014?’ Let’s skip the ‘a fresh start…new beginnings’ content and… Read More »

Tree testing won’t predict the impact of visual design and that’s the beauty of it.

By separating concerns and focusing our research we can be more confident in our decisions. By tree testing before moving onto visual design and content writing we can be sure of our taxonomy and content hierarchy saving us from unnecessary… Read More »

A case study: Heuristic review and tree test informs a redesign

Richard Douglass, principal of Ohio-based UX consultancy Improved Usability, has written a blog post about a recent site redesign project using Treejack. Excerpt: “…we were able to deliver a comprehensive set of findings 
and recommendations to help inform the redesign effort.… Read More »