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User research and agile squadification at Trade Me

Hi, I’m Martin. I work as a UX researcher at Trade Me having left Optimal Experience (Optimal Workshop’s sister company) last year. For those of you who don’t know, Trade Me is New Zealand’s largest online auction site that also lists real estate to buy and rent, cars to buy, jobs listings, travel accommodation and quite a few other things besides. Over three…

Congratulations you guys! Optimal Experience joins PwC

Optimal Experience, our beloved user experience consultancy sister company, has been acquired by the multinational professional services firm PwC. Woohoo!

Thoughts on what made Matt Mullenweg’s talk so compelling

WordPress is big. Like, quite big. If the entire web was a five-story building, websites powered by WordPress would take over one whole floor and a cubicle or two on the next. And if Matt gets his way, that building is one day going to be topped by a giant, glowing W. At least, that’s the impression he gave last…

My realisations about intranets from attending Intranets2014

I have to admit, I had pretty low expectations for this intranets conference. I’m not even sure why. I should have stopped to think about it. It may have been a preconception that it would inadvertently end up being a big SharePoint tutorial. Or that intranets are boring. Anyway, whatever it was, I was wrong. Intranets are quite amazing. I…

User Testing — 7 ways to step up your freelance game

As a freelancer building websites, you’ve probably worked with clients who have resisted the idea of user testing. Read on to find out ways to bring user testing into the conversation from the start.