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Auditing the IRS With Treejack

Every year, the date April 15th strikes dread into the hearts of red-blooded Americans everywhere. Yes, folks, it’s the only other certain thing in life, besides death; it’s Tax Day. To shine a bit of light on an otherwise depressing… Read More »

Comparing Open and Hybrid Card Sorts with Tripadvisor.com

Millions of young people across the US and Canada are gearing up for the fun-filled week called Spring Break. Traditionally coeds flock to sun-drenched beach and tropical destinations, like Daytona Beach or Panama City, but others might be looking for… Read More »

Supporting the ‘Tame Taxonomy’ workshop

Our good friends Alberta Soranzo and Jessica DuVerneay are running a Taxonomy workshop for the Information Architecture Summit in sunny San Diego (26-30th March 2014). So let’s hear from the organizers themselves on what’s involved in the workshop. They also… Read More »

‘Pay per survey’ plan now available

You’ve asked for it, and now you have it. If you have a survey to conduct and you’d like a fixed price per survey instead of subscription pricing you can now Pay Per Survey. This option is designed for those who:… Read More »

Optimal Workshop welcomes WebSort and PlainFrame users!

Today we have exciting and emotional news. Optimal Workshop has acquired WebSort and PlainFrame, two tools for card sorting and tree testing respectively. We’re really excited to be welcoming so many new users to Optimal Workshop on one day. Welcome!… Read More »