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A case study: Heuristic review and tree test informs a redesign

Richard Douglass, principal of Ohio-based UX consultancy Improved Usability, has written a blog post about a recent site redesign project using Treejack. Excerpt: “…we were able to deliver a comprehensive set of findings 
and recommendations to help inform the redesign effort.… Read More »

The New Zealand Innovators Awards 2012

Good news! We’re really excited to be finalists in the New Zealand Innovator Awards 2012 for our work building and commercialising Treejack. Many thanks to all our wonderful customers for your support and feedback over the past 3 years as… Read More »

Userfly – how much can you learn from a silent movie?

We’re on a mission to learn about how our website is being used. We’re about to embark on a redesign, resources are tight and time is short so we’ve been using a range to online tools to accelerate the process.… Read More »

Values as a design tool – our manifesto

A few days ago, the following question was posed on this mailing list: Does anyone have examples of or can point to companies who have brand guidelines/principles that are truly useful to guide and direct product/service development (not just advertising… Read More »